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Our engagement

Compenser avec carbone boréal


natürSUP is proud to be the first paddle board company in Canada to care about the environment by offsetting the ecological footprint that transporting our paddle boards requires by committing to planting a tree for each paddle board sold, right here in Quebec, in collaboration with the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. Because we plant a tree for every paddleboard sold, our business grows and becomes much more than carbon neutral, in fact we become positively carbon negative! The organization boreal carbon gave us certificates of compensation for our contributions, in 2020, 358 trees were planted, and in 2021, 1430 trees.

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natürSUP is also the only paddle board company to receive an eco-responsible rating from The Green Pages, an organization involved in the field of eco-responsibility.

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naturSUP is anenvironmentally responsible Quebec company, located in the heart of Lanaudière, which designs and sells its own inflatable paddle boards, inflatable SUPs or paddle board of high performance. Made with the best materials on the market, our boards are subject to great quality control. 

Because we sell directly online, our prices are very competitive. In addition, shipping is free anywhere in Canada with the purchase of a complete set.

Nous sommes fiers que nos planches à pagaie gonflables soient Conçues au Québec par nous

Pour encourager l’économie d’ici, les consommateurs cherchent de plus en plus à acheter des produits québécois, au lieu d'acheter d'Amazon, achetons "dans ma zone", faites le choix d'acheter local. Lorsque vous dépensez 1$ dans une petite ou moyenne entreprise, 0,66$ reste dans l'économie local contre seulement 0,11$ par dollar dépensé dans une multinationale.

Nos planches à pagaie, nos matelas et nos tubes gonflable ont tous été pensés, dessinés et conçus par nous, ici même au Québec. En choississant de faire partie de vos achats au lieu d'une multinationale, vous contribuez directement et durablement à la prospérité de votre communauté.

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naturSUP was born from a shared passion for travel and outdoor activities. Indeed, for many years, we have visited several places on the planet. At the time, kayaks and surfboards were the most popular means of navigating the water. 

A few years ago, we noticed a growing craze for paddleboarding. We then started to rent them in the rare places where it was possible to find them. We enjoyed this activity so much that we knew buying our own board was the next step.


The ideal board had to be easy to transport, strong, lightweight, high quality and look good too! Since we couldn't find one that met our requirements, we decided to create it ourselves. Thereby, naturSUP was born.

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Proud to be able to offer you quality courses on basic   techniques as well as on the safety aspect, we are both certified instructors and recognized by Paddle Canada, the only organization to issue this certificate in Canada.

Propriétaires de Les planches natürSUP

Francois Trépanier & Nancy Chamberland, Paddle Canada certified instructors

OUR inspiration

It was during a long trip to Southeast Asia in 2016 that the imagination for our boards was revealed to us. Indeed, each of our boards has a name, a mantra and the colors of a place we visited during this 111-day journey.



1st stop, Japan: we loved the land of the rising sun, the people there are respectful and extremely polite! When we think of Japan, we think of ancient warriors «SAMURAI». This is how our first board was born. And it is by visiting the largest fish market in the world of Tsukiji with an area of 23 hectares, the equivalent of 40 football fields, that we thought of the board for fisherman «SAKANA» which means fish in Japanese. The Japanese are masters at trimming dwarf trees and that's why we've called our smallest children's board the «BONSAI».


2nd refuge, Thailand: we crossed the center and the south of Thailand for 2 months and it happened on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in the golf of Thailand with its turquoise water that we were inspired for the board «SAMUI ”. the "Big Buddha" of Phuket is a 45 meter high white marble statue, visible from anywhere in the southern part ofphuket, in the province of the same name. The white color of the statue as well as the color of the outfits of the Buddhist monks inspired us for our board «BUDDHA» designed for its large bearing capacity of 380 pounds! If you have watched the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, then you noticed this wonderful beach located at Koh Phi Phi.  It was enough to inspire us the board «PHI PHI»  with its porthole that will allow you to observe the seabed!  There are more than 40,000 templesWATin Thailand, which is why you will finally find the only place in Quebec where you can rent our floating inflatable tent the «THE TEMPLE». Means of transport par excellence, the «TUK-TUK» is perfect for crisscrossing the wonderful cities of this country, attached to the back of your board and following you everywhere, you will no longer be able to separate yourself from yours to bring a change of linen, your lunch or your refreshments, and everything will be kept dry thanks to its airtight lid.


3rd destination, Singapore: City-state of 5.7 million people, everything is immaculate and it is even forbidden to chew gum so as not to find any on the ground otherwise you will be fined!   Unequaled with its elevated swimming pool, the longest in the world supported by this complex of 3 55-storey hotels, the Marina Bay Sands, and by his side, Garden by the Bay with its artificial trees illuminating the night with its vibrant colors, just like our «CARPE DIEM».


4th stage, Malaysia: a country renowned for its beaches and tropical forests occupying part of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. The capital Kuala Lumpur erect skyscrapers like the iconic Petronas twin towers, the tallest twin towers in the world! The board «LUMPUR»was insPiraeus by these towers is our inspiration.



5th stopover, Bali in Indonesia: mainly Hindu, it is an island to discover with its volcanoes and rice fields. For yogis, it is in yoga that each of the 7 points of the body meets the vital energy of the chakra; our board «CHAKRA» is inspired by it. Withdrawn for more than a week on the small paradise and relaxing island of Nusa Lembongan, away from the hectic action of the big island of Bali,  (it is possible to swim with manta rays)  the zenitude quickly took hold of us with its color of the water and its grandiose panoramas. This is how we named our third board to see the light of day, the «ZEN». Nusa means Island in Balinese, it was enough to name our floating yoga mat «NUSA» while the mat for the teacher is called «LEMBONGAN». The island of Bali has 6 volcanoes and the highest peak on the island is Mt.Agung which culminates at 3142 meters above sea level. This mountain is aptly named, becauseAgungmeans high mountain in Indonesian. For Buddhist and Hindu believers, this place is the center of the world. We got up at 1:00 am to be at the foot of the volcano at 2:00, but above all, to see the sunrise at 6:00 am peak at the top! Our last board is called «AGUNG» in honor of this volcano.


6th haven, Vietnam: the lotus flower is the emblematic flower of this country, it is moreover on the shape of this flower that we based ourselves in order to create our logo, which represents the silhouette of a person in lotus position! We traveled Vietnam, from north to south in the space of a month, and the name of our second board was created, the «LOTUS». Vietnam remains to this day our favorite destination, as much for the inhabitants, the landscapes, as for the food.

Femme sur un paddleboard en face d'un chalet


Inflatable paddle boards naturSUP are designed by us, here in Lanaudière, Quebec, and made with state-of-the-art materials.


Our boards let you go anywhere without the hassle of carrying a huge hard board, all in a handy wheeled backpack with deluxe straps!

Each model inflates very quickly and offers rigidity similar to that of a hard paddle board, without the disadvantages. Our boards convert from sleeping bag size to a hard board in less than 8 minutes. Transportable and durable, inflatable paddle boards naturSUP are the perfect solution for paddlers short on space.

Our complete sets include an adjustable paddle, high pressure SUP pump, removable fins, repair kit, safety strap and versatile carry bag, allowing you to explore the world in an easy and comfortable way. comfortable. 

Stimulate your senses and enjoy the freedom that inflatable paddle boards naturSUP offer you.

OUR philosophy


We believe in the importance of a balanced life, under the sign of the outdoors, relaxation and fun. We want everyone to enjoy the full benefits of an active life and the fabulous adventures that time on the water represents.


Inflatable paddle boards naturSUP give you freedom and flexibility!



Our mission is simple: to offer a unique paddle board on the market for its high quality, affordable price, lightness and ease of use and transport. We are committed to offering the perfect paddle board, the one we would like to own ourselves.

Certificat cadeau naturSUP

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