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Comment gonfler sa planche à pagaie ou son paddleboard ?


Est-ce solide une planche à pagaie gonflable ou un sup ?


découvrez la planche à pagaie pour la pêche, la sakana


natÜr SUP sur la rivère l'Assomption - Version courte

natÜr SUP sur la rivère l'Assomption - Version longue

  • SUP, what is it?
    If the sport is considered a novelty, in reality the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is the ancestor of surfing. Indeed, the Polynesians already stood on boards to move around and used a paddle to propel themselves. But it was first in the form of surfing that these boards toured the planet. Paddleboarding is definitely one of the easiest water sports in the world.
  • How is the inflatable paddle board practiced?
    To practice this activity, all you need is an inflatable paddle board (SUP) and a paddle. Then the objective is to move while standing. The paddle will allow you to move easily on the water, the SUP can be practiced on the different waterways, such as lakes, rivers, white waters and seas. It is a very complete sport that works your muscles gently where everyone can go at their own pace. There are two types of paddle boards, rigid boards and inflatables. Here we will only focus on inflatable boards that are more practical for everyday use.
  • How to choose your inflatable paddle board?
    There are several types of boards and it is therefore important to know precisely what you expect before buying. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced paddleboarder, you will find the right board for your needs. Also be honest with your weight and height, you will gain stability and ease. LEVEL OF PRACTICE Several characteristics should be observed when choosing your first model. The length should ideally be between 9'6'' and 12'6'', which corresponds to a family or all-purpose board, suitable for any type of activity. The width and thickness of the board will depend mainly on your size. We recommend a good width to start with, i.e. 32”. You will lose slightly in speed and maneuverability in order to gain stability, which is the first element to work on for a beginner. It is important to favor a board with a thickness of 6 '' and not 4 '' in order to ensure a certain rigidity. TYPE OF ACTIVITY What would you like to do with your inflatable paddle board? Thus, in a sporting practice, it is possible to surf the waves, run errands or go down in white water. Or for a more sedate approach, perhaps you prefer walks, yoga or fitness. Finally, you can also choose to buy a board for the simple entertainment of children at the edge of the water. SUP touring is the most interesting discipline to learn about paddle boarding. It is also the most family-friendly and the least sporty, because it is practiced on flat water and at low speed. In this case, a long and wide board is recommended, as it has great stability. For the race, or race, it is towards a long and thin board that it will be necessary to turn. Finally, the paddle board is also practiced in white water. For this use, an inflatable board is recommended, as it is much less sensitive to shocks. A board for white water should be thinner to allow good feelings of speed, but a reasonable width for stability. It is important to choose the board that will suit your needs. The type of possible activities is indicated in the description of the board. Choosing a board adapted to your size will improve your stability. BOARD LENGTH The advantage of a long paddle board is that you gain speed and maintain course.The advantage of a short paddle board is that it is easy to maneuver. BOARD WIDTH The advantage of a wide paddle board is that you gain stability but lose speed.The advantage of a narrow paddle board is that you gain speed but lose stability. ACCESSORIES Not all boards come with accessories, but when you buy from natür SUP everything is included: Deluxe rolling backpack Hybrid 3-piece carbon fiber paddle - 100% carbon optional US type box Removable fins (3) for easy storage 4 D-ring net with bungee cord for front storage Cushioned non-slip mat for absolute grip and comfort Central carrying handle for easy exit from the water Rear foot stopper for maneuvers “D” rings (4) for siège- optional kayak Front “D” ring under the nose for anchor point Rear D-ring for safety strap 10’-0’’ (3 m) color-matched safety strap High pressure inflation valve Double Action Pump - Optional triple action Mount for GoPro camera Repair kit Tightening strap Microfiber cloth Directions Delivery included One year limited warranty Private Facebook group on techniques and safety It is important to always read the inclusions carefully so as not to see the price rise suddenly because of an essential accessory that is not included. At natür SUP everything is always included!
  • How to maintain your inflatable paddle board?
    After each use, it is important to rinse the board well and let it dry. If necessary, dry it with a towel before folding and storing it. If you do not want to deflate the board between each use, still remove some air. Indeed, if you let it inflate to the maximum, the slightest change in temperature could damage it. So when you use it, you only need a few pump strokes. Before folding and storing the board, it must also be cleaned to remove grains of sand, other dust or dirt. Special care should be taken to protect your board from heat and sun. Excessive exposure may cause irreversible damage. Putting in too much air can damage the board. POSSIBLE DAMAGE Loss of shape and/or qualities Delamination of PVC Melt or detachment of the mat from the board Color distortion Appearance of air bubbles under the PVC Appearance of cracks
  • What are the elements to provide in addition to the board?
    To practice stand up paddle (SUP), the inflatable board is not enough. You will absolutely need a personal flotation device (PFD) as well as a whistle as this is a Transport Canada requirement. Don't neglect our essentials: Waterproof bag < /p> Cellphone case Luciöle Towel Hat Cup-holder-with-suction
  • How to understand the different qualities and technologies of drop stitch?
    There are different qualities and technologies used in the manufacture of an inflatable paddle board today. The material constituting the base of the boards is the mesh (drop stitch). It is a structure, made up of two layers of PVC connected to each other by nylon threads which, once stretched, provide rigidity to the board. The thickness of the main layer of PVC as well as the number of wires connecting the two layers are very important. Natür SUP boards are produced with the best drop stitch on the market. As a result, our boards are stiffer, lighter and more durable. Then there are several techniques to build a board with this drop stitch. The first is single layer construction. This process makes it possible to obtain boards that are very light in weight and whose quality will really depend on the drop stitch used. This technique is ideal for short boards used by rather light riders. They allow a much more pleasant practice for children or thin sizes, but they are far too flexible for prolonged use. Some brands use a low-end drop stich that will tend to bend under the weight or cause leaks after a few months of use. We do not recommend this type of construction. There is also the double layer construction. This construction consists of gluing a second layer of PVC over the drop stitch. We obtain rigid boards as with fiberglass boards, but a little heavy.Finally, the ultimate; construction of fused PVC (MSL Fusion) with "X" mesh (X-Woven drop stitch). This is the only real guarantee of quality. We get rigid boards like fiberglass boards, but much lighter. It is a construction that also costs much more and which today corresponds to users who are looking for quality. All natür SUP boards are designed to meet your specific needs. We want to offer the optimal quality according to your size and your practice. If you choose a board that suits your practice, you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions, you can always contact us, so we can help you choose the board designed for you and your needs.
  • inflation
    To inflate your SUP, make sure the valve is in the up (closed) position so air doesn't escape. Plug in the pump. Inflate to a maximum of 15 PSI. The more your board is inflated, the more stable it is and the better the glide. Unplug the pump and close the outer cap.
  • Deflation
    To deflate your SUP, press the valve firmly and the air will escape.Bend starting opposite the valve to fully expel air and achieve a compact fold. WARNING, do not put your face above the valve.
  • Maintenance key
    NEVER UNSCREW THE VALVE ON YOUR INFLATED SUP, AS THERE IS A RISK OF INJURY AND BREAKAGE. In the event of a leak at the valve, with the board deflated, screw the valve in a quarter turn clockwise using the wrench provided.
  • Repair
    In the event of a hole in the structure, it is possible to repair your board with the repair sheets to be cut and a high-pressure resistant glue included in your kit. If air escapes from the valve, simply tighten it with the wrench provided in the repair kit. If you need to repair your board, contact us, we will be happy to explain the procedure to you.
  • Warranties
    QUALITY GUARANTEE:The warranty is eligible if you notice an anomaly or a manufacturing defect, a material defect or a missing item. For the warranty to be activated, it is essential to contact us no later than 7 days after the finding of the defect at LIMITED WARRANTY:One year limited warranty on all inflatable paddle boards from date of purchase. We guarantee them against any abnormal manufacturing and material defects during this period. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to have the defective part or product repaired or replaced with an equivalent product at no cost to you. The repair cost is free but you need to bear the freight cost. This warranty commitment does not cover the claim conditions listed below. THIS WARRANTY PROMISE FOR INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARDS DOES NOT COVER CLAIM CONDITIONS SUCH AS: Damage or defects caused by normal wear and tear; Damage to fin caused by fin impact; Damage or defects caused by transport on the roof of a vehicle; Damage or defects caused by use outside of the intended use; Damage or defects caused by wave impact and/or impact with the ocean or lake bottom; Damage or defects caused by heel bumps, also known as pressure bumps, Damage or defects caused by impact with materials or objects (rocks, other boards, etc.); Damage or defects caused by improper storage at temperatures above 32°C and below 0°C; Damage or defects caused by storage in damp, closed conditions (e.g. wet bag); Damage or defects caused by overheating from exposure to direct sunlight when not in use; Damage or defects caused by transportation, loading, unloading, dropping, or handling out of water, including marks left by over-tightening of carrying straps; Repair or modification ACCESSORY WARRANTY:6-month limited manufacturer's warranty. Under no circumstances can the item be eligible for warranty if the customer has proceeded or even attempted to repair the manufacturing defect himself. Our team will inspect the item upon receipt to determine the item's eligibility for warranty. The user of this product understands and acknowledges the risk associated with the sport of paddleboarding. Natür SUP Boards Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from the use or misuse of the product, lack of common sense, or inability to use the product. Warranty application only applies to the first purchaser
  • Conclusion
    SUP is an incredible sport that can be practiced very quickly. After a short initiation to find their balance, everyone can embark on an adventure, whether on a lake, a river, a river or on a paradisiacal beach in the south. And by opting for an inflatable board, you can take it with you everywhere.
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